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Taking care of your latex clothing

  • Avoid sharp objects when handling and putting on your latex. Fingernails, toenails and jewellery that can rip your latex. You can also wear disposable gloves when putting on your latex if you have long nails. Also take your time when putting on garments.
  • Lighter coloured & translucent latex will permanently stain a brownish-colour when it comes into contact with copper based items, this includes coins and jewellery, belts – Most jewellery will contain traces of copper.
  • Shine your latex using a silicone lubricant or pure silicone spray. We have our own shiner at Deadly Couture and we sell spray shiner as well. Please enquire if you require a bottle for purchase. Do not use oil or petroleum based lubricants such as baby oil or Vaseline, these will harm your garment. It is suggested not to put on body lotions or creams before putting on your latex as they can also cause staining.
  • Ensure the garment is well powdered (using baby talcum powder) or lubricated (using water based or silicone lubricant) before attempting to put it on. You can also put your items on in the shower under running water. Pull on gently, taking care that fingernails, toenails or jewellery do not snag the material. It is suggested to not wear jewellery with sharp pieces when putting on your latex.
  • Polish to a high shine using your hands. Be gentle with appliqués and trim detail, rubbing too hard can lift the appliqué off.
  • As soon as possible after wear wash the garment in a very mildly soapy solution of luke warm water and rinse again thoroughly with fresh water inside and out. Hang it up on a non-metal hanger, away from the sun to air dry. Leaving your item dirty with sweat and body oils will harm your latex and most likely stain it.
  • Some latex colours can develop a white milky sheen after being soaked in water, do not be alarmed! This is a characteristic of the latex and will disappear as soon as the latex is thoroughly dry.
  • Items should be stored out of sunlight at normal room temperature in a closet or drawer. When not in use, and put in a closed drawer wrapped in tissue paper or a cotton garment bag. Avoid contact with any metal on your latex with the garment itself just to be safe. You can use tissue paper to ensure there is no contact between fastenings and latex. Light coloured and translucent latex should be stored separately from  darker coloured latex. Do not store your latex besides pvc, or leather. Both items can stain or damage latex with long term exposure.

Deadly Couture takes no responsibility for damage to items that have not been looked after. We do however will do repairs on our and other items. Please enquire if you require a repair.

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